League Table Girls 6th X8 Green League

1Malahide Fingal 111005233
2Boyne HC 111005053
3Newbridge 111006243
4Wicklow 300000000
5North Kildare 200000000
6Portrane 1100105-50
7Weston 1100125-30
8Dublin North 1100126-40

All match cards should be sent by email to youthadmin@leinsterhockey.ie

Girls 6th X8 Green League
18:00Boyne HC 15vs0Portrane 1More
18:00Dublin North 12vs6Newbridge 1More
18:00Weston 12vs5Malahide Fingal 1More
11:15Malahide Fingal 1vsNorth Kildare 2More
12:30Newbridge 1vsWicklow 3More
13:30Boyne HC 1vsWeston 1More
18:00Portrane 1vsDublin North 1More
18:00Dublin North 1vsBoyne HC 1More
18:00North Kildare 2vsNewbridge 1More
18:00Weston 1vsPortrane 1More
18:00Wicklow 3vsMalahide Fingal 1More
18:00Wicklow 3vsNorth Kildare 2refixMore
13:30Boyne HC 1vsNorth Kildare 2More
18:00Malahide Fingal 1vsNewbridge 1More
18:00Portrane 1vsWicklow 3More
18:00Weston 1vsDublin North 1More
18:00Dublin North 1vsMalahide Fingal 1More
18:00Newbridge 1vsWeston 1More
18:00North Kildare 2vsPortrane 1More
18:00Wicklow 3vsBoyne HC 1More
12:30Boyne HC 1vsNewbridge 1More
18:00Dublin North 1vsNorth Kildare 2More
18:00Portrane 1vsMalahide Fingal 1More
18:00Weston 1vsWicklow 3More
18:00Malahide Fingal 1vsBoyne HC 1More
18:00Newbridge 1vsPortrane 1More
18:00North Kildare 2vsWeston 1More
18:00Wicklow 3vsDublin North 1More