League Table Girls X8 Blue 2 League

1Three Rock Rovers 211005143
2Railway Union 211001013
3Tullamore 111004043
4Bray 2100115-40
5Corinthians 200000000
6Naas 200000000
7Pembroke Wanderers 3100101-10
8Skerries 1100104-40

All match cards should be sent by email to youthadmin@leinsterhockey.ie

Girls X8 Blue 2 League
13:00Pembroke Wanderers 30vs1Railway Union 2More
18:00Naas 2vsCorinthians 2More
18:00Skerries 10vs4Tullamore 1More
18:00Three Rock Rovers 25vs1Bray 2More
11:30Pembroke Wanderers 3vsThree Rock Rovers 2More
18:00Bray 2vsTullamore 1More
18:00Corinthians 2vsTullamore 1More
18:00Railway Union 2vsNaas 2More
18:00Naas 2vsPembroke Wanderers 3More
18:00Skerries 1vsBray 2More
18:00Three Rock Rovers 2vsRailway Union 2More
18:00Tullamore 1vsCorinthians 2More
18:00Bray 2vsCorinthians 2More
18:00Pembroke Wanderers 3vsTullamore 1More
18:00Railway Union 2vsSkerries 1More
18:00Three Rock Rovers 2vsNaas 2More
18:00Corinthians 2vsThree Rock Rovers 2More
18:00Naas 2vsBray 2More
18:00Skerries 1vsPembroke Wanderers 3More
18:00Tullamore 1vsRailway Union 2More
18:00Naas 2vsTullamore 1More
18:00Pembroke Wanderers 3vsCorinthians 2More
18:00Railway Union 2vsBray 2More
18:00Three Rock Rovers 2vsSkerries 1More
18:00Bray 2vsPembroke Wanderers 3More
18:00Corinthians 2vsRailway Union 2More
18:00Skerries 1vsNaas 2More
18:00Tullamore 1vsThree Rock Rovers 2More