League Table LM Indoor

Three Rock Rovers660051203118
Railway Union650131171415
Pembroke Wanderers62043538-36

The Mens Competition will be played in a league format with the top four qualifying or the semi finals. Games will be 15 minutes each way with 2 minutes for half time. If a semi final or final is a draw a shoot out (1v1) will determine the winner

Semi Finals (5.30pm & 6.15pm) - 14th Jan; Final (6.30pm) on 21st Jan

311017 - Rathgar HC withdrawn

121217 - Weston HC withdrawn

LM Indoor
13:00Pembroke Wanderers 2vs5Railway Union More
13:40Railway Union 7vs2Wicklow More
14:20Three Rock Rovers 10vs2Corinthians More
15:00Wicklow 0vs10Three Rock Rovers More
15:40Pembroke Wanderers 2vs7Glenanne More
12:30Glenanne 3vs4Railway Union Change due HIMore
13:00Corinthians 4vs5Railway Union Change due HIMore
13:30Glenanne 3vs2Corinthians Change due HIMore
13:00Three Rock Rovers 6vs5Pembroke Wanderers More
13:40Wicklow 2vs11Pembroke Wanderers More
14:20Three Rock Rovers 4vs1Railway Union More
15:00Corinthians 2vs7Pembroke Wanderers More
15:40Glenanne 12vs6Wicklow More
16:20Wicklow 4vs6Corinthians More
17:00Glenanne 4vs5Three Rock Rovers More
17:30Three Rock Rovers 16vs8Pembroke Wanderers Semi FinalMore
18:15Railway Union 9vs2Glenanne Semi FinalMore
18:30Three Rock Rovers vsRailway Union FinalMore