League Table LSSB U13 C Pool 2

Taney School55001801815
Temple Carrig540193612
Headford School3300120129
Wilsons Hospital83051012-29
Wesley College D6213410-68
The Kings Hospital D520327-56
The Kings Hospital B511328-65
St Marks00000000
Drogheda Grammar4004012-120
Celbridge CS100105-50

Dates & Times of fixtures will be agreed between schools during the season and updated where possible.

Home Team is responsible for returning result & scorers to LHA Administrator

LSSB U13 C Pool 2
09:00Celbridge CS vsHeadford School More
09:00Celbridge CS vsSt Marks More
09:00Celbridge CS vsThe Kings Hospital DMore
09:00Celbridge CS 0vs5Wilsons Hospital More
09:00Drogheda Grammar vsCelbridge CS More
09:00Drogheda Grammar vsSt Marks Date/Time TBCMore
09:00Drogheda Grammar 0vs3Taney School Play 25th JanMore
09:00Drogheda Grammar vsThe Kings Hospital BDate/Time TBCMore
09:00Drogheda Grammar 0vs2Wilsons Hospital More
09:00Headford School 4vs0Drogheda Grammar More
09:00Headford School 1vs0The Kings Hospital B More
09:00Headford School 7vs0Wesley College DMore
09:00Headford School vsWilsons Hospital Date/Time TBCMore
09:00St Marks vsHeadford School Date/Time TBCMore
09:00St Marks vsTemple Carrig Date/Time TBCMore
09:00St Marks vsThe Kings Hospital DDate/Time TBCMore
09:00St Marks vsWesley College DMore
09:00St Marks vsWilsons Hospital Date/Time TBCMore
09:00Taney School vsHeadford School Date/Time TBCMore
09:00Taney School vsSt Marks Date/Time TBCMore
09:00Taney School 3vs0The Kings Hospital DPlayed 11th Jan 18More
09:00Taney School 5vs0Wilsons Hospital Played 06.12.17More
09:00Temple Carrig vsCelbridge CS More
09:00Temple Carrig vsHeadford School Date/Time TBCMore
09:00Temple Carrig 0vs2Taney School More
09:00Temple Carrig 1vs0The Kings Hospital BMore
09:00The Kings Hospital BvsCelbridge CS More
09:00The Kings Hospital DvsDrogheda Grammar Date/Time TBCMore
09:00The Kings Hospital DvsHeadford School Date/Time TBCMore
09:00The Kings Hospital BvsSt Marks Date/Time TBCMore
09:00The Kings Hospital B0vs5Taney School More
09:00The Kings Hospital D0vs3Temple Carrig More
09:00The Kings Hospital DvsThe Kings Hospital BDate/Time TBCMore
09:00The Kings Hospital D0vs1Wesley College DMore
09:00The Kings Hospital B2vs1Wilsons Hospital More
09:00Wesley College DvsCelbridge CS More
09:00Wesley College D3vs0Drogheda Grammar More
09:00Wesley College DvsTaney School More
09:00Wesley College D0vs2Temple Carrig More
09:00Wesley College D0vs0The Kings Hospital BMore
09:00Wilsons Hospital 1vs3Temple Carrig Date/Time TBCMore
09:00Wilsons Hospital 0vs1The Kings Hospital D More
09:00Wilsons Hospital 0vs1The Kings Hospital DPlayed 10th Jan 18More
09:00Wilsons Hospital 1vs0Wesley College DMore