League Table Mens Division 7

Bray 2nd XI65102031716
Portrane 2nd XI6402189912
Naas 2nd XI73221611511
Enniscorthy HC 2nd XI631296310
Wicklow 3rd XI5203816-86
St James Gate 2ndXI411268-24
YMCA 5th XI410349-53
Railway Union 5thXI210149-53
Dublin University 3rd XI4103211-93
Navan 2nd XI20204402
Dublin North 4thXI4013510-51

Note 1 - Fixtures may be subject to amendment by Mens Committee

15 Sept 17 North Kildare 2nd withdrew from competition

Note 2 - All match times must be updated by Monday preceeding the fixture, automatic fines will issue on Tuesday for times not updated

Note 3 - Results must be updated within three (3) hours of the final whistle

Mens Division 7
11:30Dublin North 4thXI1vs3Enniscorthy HC 2nd XIMore
15:00Naas 2nd XI4vs1Dublin University 3rd XIMore
15:30Bray 2nd XI1vs0Portrane 2nd XIMore
16:20Railway Union 5thXI3vs0Wicklow 3rd XIMore
14:00Wicklow 3rd XIvsNavan 2nd XIPP by NHCMore
14:00YMCA 5th XIvsDublin North 4thXIPP granted by LHAMore
15:30St James Gate 2ndXI2vs2Naas 2nd XIMore
15:45Portrane 2nd XI9vs1Railway Union 5thXIMore
17:00Dublin University 3rd XI0vs5Bray 2nd XIMore
11:30Dublin North 4thXI2vs3Wicklow 3rd XIMore
15:45Naas 2nd XI1vs2Enniscorthy HC 2nd XIMore
16:20Railway Union 5thXIvsNavan 2nd XIPP NHC unable to fieldMore
16:30Portrane 2nd XIvsDublin University 3rd XIPP by DUHCMore
00:00Navan 2nd XIvsYMCA 5th XIPP by NavanMore
08:00Navan 2nd XI2vs2Dublin North 4thXIMore
15:00YMCA 5th XI2vs0Naas 2nd XIMore
20:30Bray 2nd XI4vs2St James Gate 2ndXIPP by SJGMore
08:00Dublin University 3rd XIvsRailway Union 5thXIPP by RUMore
12:00Bray 2nd XI4vs0YMCA 5th XIMore
13:30Portrane 2nd XI2vs1Enniscorthy HC 2nd XIMore
15:00Naas 2nd XI5vs2Wicklow 3rd XIMore
16:20Railway Union 5thXIvsDublin North 4thXIMore
13:30Enniscorthy HC 2nd XI1vs1Bray 2nd XIMore
08:00Navan 2nd XI2vs2Naas 2nd XIMore
10:00Wicklow 3rd XI0vs5Bray 2nd XIMore
12:00Enniscorthy HC 2nd XI2vs0Dublin University 3rd XIMore
13:30YMCA 5th XI2vs4Portrane 2nd XIMore
15:00St James Gate 2ndXIvsRailway Union 5thXIMore
10:00Dublin University 3rd XI1vs0YMCA 5th XIMore
11:15Naas 2nd XI2vs0Dublin North 4thXIMore
15:00St James Gate 2ndXI1vs0Enniscorthy HC 2nd XIMore
16:00Bray 2nd XIvsNavan 2nd XIMore
16:00Portrane 2nd XI1vs3Wicklow 3rd XIMore
14:00St James Gate 2ndXI1vs2Portrane 2nd XIPP by SJGMore
08:00Navan 2nd XIvsPortrane 2nd XIMore
11:00Wicklow 3rd XIvsDublin University 3rd XIMore
12:30Enniscorthy HC 2nd XIvsRailway Union 5thXIMore
14:00YMCA 5th XIvsSt James Gate 2ndXIMore
12:00Dublin University 3rd XIvsSt James Gate 2ndXIPP by DUMore
08:00Dublin University 3rd XIvsNavan 2nd XIMore
08:00St James Gate 2ndXIvsWicklow 3rd XIMore
13:00Enniscorthy HC 2nd XIvsYMCA 5th XIMore
16:00Portrane 2nd XIvsDublin North 4thXIMore
16:20Railway Union 5thXIvsNaas 2nd XIMore
08:00Dublin North 4thXIvsDublin University 3rd XIMore
08:00Naas 2nd XIvsBray 2nd XIMore
08:00Navan 2nd XIvsSt James Gate 2ndXIMore
08:00Wicklow 3rd XIvsEnniscorthy HC 2nd XIMore
08:00YMCA 5th XIvsRailway Union 5thXIMore
08:00Bray 2nd XIvsRailway Union 5thXIMore
08:00St James Gate 2ndXIvsDublin North 4thXIMore
08:00YMCA 5th XIvsWicklow 3rd XIMore
12:00Enniscorthy HC 2nd XIvsNavan 2nd XIMore
16:00Portrane 2nd XIvsNaas 2nd XIMore
13:30Dublin North 4thXIvsBray 2nd XIPP by BrayMore