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Development - Youth Leader Programme

What is the Youth Leader Programme?

The Youth Leader Programme is a 4-hour long course that introduces young people, aged between 15 and 21, to volunteering in their hockey club. The aim of the programme is to enjoy all aspects of the sport of hockey rather than concentrating on playing onl

The programme focuses on 3 main areas:

-          Umpiring

-          Coaching

-          Team management

The Youth Leader programme helps to pass on skills, top tips and most importantly confidence so that Youth Leaders can get back out to their clubs in order to put their new found knowledge to use! In order to complete the Youth Leader Programme, each Youth Leader must attend the workshop and then go back to their club to complete 5 hours of contact time.  The cost of the course is €15 per participant.

How does my club take part?

 There are two ways your club can take part:

1.    Organise a workshop at your club grounds: You need a minimum of 12 Youth Leaders and Irish Hockey will provide the tutor (classroom and pitch time required). To organise this, contact your local Hockey Agent.

2.    Send your Youth Leaders to a centrally run workshop in your province. Speak to your Regional Development Manager for details.

Regional Development Manager:

Sue Haslam

RDM (Leinster)

01 716 3262


Hockey Agents:

Area Hockey Agent Email Phone
South Dublin Cathy Brock brockcathy@gmail.com 086 855 2458
South East Emmett Hughes emmett.a.hughes@gmail.com 085 810 1548
North Leinster Dwyne Hill dwyneHA@gmail.com 087 792 3633
North Dublin TBC TBC TBC


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