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LHA Fines & Penalties

The following Schedule of Fines and Penalties is not an all inclusive listing.  Rather, it is a guideline to ensure consistent administration of the Fines & Penalties that will be applied in the first instance by each section of the LHA.  Each section has the discretion to impose the following minimum fines/penalties after considering the circumstances and facts of each situation. 

Serious breaches of the Bye Laws or consistent breaking of bye laws will result in increased fines/penalties.  The LHA reserves the right to impose fines/penalties for breaches of Bye Laws other than those listed below:

Description Min Fine 
Cards not received  20.00 
Cards received late  20.00 
Incomplete cards  20.00 
Full name not on match card (4)  20.00 
Failure to notify time of fixture before deadline  20.00 
Game cancelled without Permission  50.00 
Match result not returned (text service)  20.00 
Div 1 & 2 Match results not communicated    20.00 
Late payment of annual fees - 10% of actual fee   
League Games - Failure to fulfill fixture & notify Fixture Secretary  50.00 
Cup Games - Failure to fulfill fixture & notify Cup/Fixture Sec.  100.00 
Lack of proof showing existance of Public Liability Insurance  50.00 
Breach of Player Tranfer Protocol
Late return of Trophy  50.00 
Teams refusing to travel to grounds outside Dublin  100.00 
Ineligible player  & team win (1)  125.00 
Ineligible player & team draw (1)  125.00 
Ineligible player & team loose (2)  125.00 
Ineligible player on Cup Team (3)  125.00 

Additional defaults by the same team will carry an increasing penalty

Note 1 : Record a 1-0 will to the opposition in the first instance plus fine

Note 2: One point deduction for the offending team in the first instance plus fine

Note 3 : Team will be expelled from the Cup Competition plus fine

Note 4 : Name on match card must match the name registered (eg., Maiden/Married Name)


Note: Appeals of any fine or penalty can be made to the LHA Appeals Committee - please check the Bye Laws for the relevant Section.

Any appeal must be sent to the Hon Secretary accompanied by a fee of 300.00.  If the appeal is successful, the fee will be returned.  A copy of any appeal should also be sent ot the Leinster Administrator. 

 Updated 30th June 2015


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