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FAQ - Men's Section

This section will give answers to frequently asked questions and will be added to on an ongoing basis.  For details on registrations, check out the Men's Bye Laws and General Bye Laws of the LHA.

2016 -7 Calendar - will be available shortly
Fixtures for 2016 - 17 are available via the dropdown menus

Section & General Bye Laws - Click Here

Contact Info

Fixtures/Postponements: lha.mens.fixtures@gmail.com
Registrations: lha.mens.regis@gmail.com
Match Cards: lhamcs@gmail.com

Divisions & Division Managers



EmailContact No
 Div 1Paul Kennedylha.mens.fixtures+D1@gmail.com 087 6815802
 Div 2Craig McMullenlha.mens.fixtures+D2@gmail.com
 Div 3Stephen Ludgatelha.mens.fixtures+D3@gmail.com 085 7073094
 Div 4David McNerneylha.mens.fixtures+D4@gmail.com 086 8176621 
 Div 5Mark Seerylha.mens.fixtures+D5@gmail.com085 1154892
 Div 6Alan Ryanlha.mens.fixtures+D6@gmail.com
 Div 7Mick McGuinness
 Div 8



Cups & Cup Managers 

 Cup NameCriteriaCup Manager 
 Mills CupIH & Div 1Paul Kennedy - lha.mens.fixtures+MLC@gmail.com
 Neville CupOne team per clubStephen Ludgate - lha.mens.fixtures+nvc@gmail.com
 Neville Davin Cup 

 Railway CupAll Div 2 & 3teamsCraig McMullen - lha.mens.fixtures+RWC@gmail.com
 Intermediate CupAll Div 4 & 5 teamsDavid McNerney - lha.mens.fixtures+INT@gmail.com
 Junior CupAll Division 6 teamsDavid Curran - lha.mens.fixtures+JUN@gmail.com
 Minor CupAll Division 7 teams 
Mick McGuinness - lha.mens.fixtures+MIN@gmail.com
 Galtrim Cup

April 2016 

 Walters Cup

April 2016


Registrations :

IHL Squad : 16, Stars : 3

Division 1 Squad : 14, Stars : 3

Division 2 Squad : 14, Stars : 3

Division 3 - 7 same as last season

For registration the following email addresses are used:

LHA Mens Registration Queries               lha.mens.regis@gmail.com
LHA Mens Results Queries                       lha.mens.regis+results@gmail.com
Technical Support                                      lha.mens.regis+support@gmail.com
LHA Mens Registration System (Automated Responses)            lha.mcs@gmail.com

Match Cards 

A photo of the front of the match card must be submitted to lhamcs@gmail.com. Please put the division number in the subject e.g. D1, D2, D3 etc.  

Ecards are accessed through: http://cards.leinsterhockey.ie

Match Cards must be completed in full for LHA Men's League & Cup Competitions.  Completed match cards should be returned to:

David McNerney,
12 Beechurst,
Killarney Road,

Please mark 'LHA' in top left corner of envelope 

Official Starting Times

Senior League (Division 1 & 2 and Mills Cup) Noon to 4pm.  Please note any matches in any division postponed for whatever reason must be refixed within 15 days.

Divsion 2 fixtures that include a 1st XI team must start between Noon & 4pm unless both clubs consent.

Other league matches shall commence no earlier than 9.30am and no later than 6pm unless both clubs consent.  Where a team has to travel more than 80 km from its home pitch to fulfil an away fixtures, the starting time of the match shall not be earlier than noon and no later than 5pm during the weekend or 8pm midweek unless both clubs consent.

Age Limit Eligibility

To play Men's Club Hockey a player must have attained is 15th birthday.  To play in School League, Cup Competitions, Colts and Underage competitions under the auspices of the LHA, the relevant date is 01st July 2015 for the 2015-16 season.

To Play interprovincial and/or international, the relevant date is 01st January for that season.

Club Administration Reminders 


The Registration Secretary of each club has been sent a template spreadsheet to fill out for registration.  This must be completed and CSV export of the list returned to the LHA Registration sScretary before the 1st September (for 2014-15 season).
If your club has not received this request or if you have problems/questions with this, please contact the LHA Registration Secretary lha.mens.regis@gmail.com

Rules for Leinster Hockey Association Cup Competitions

In the event of the score of each team being equal at the conclusion of the match, the game will be decided by a penalty shoot-out (1v1) competition.  There will be no extra time.

Where teams with similar colours play one another the away team shall wear different coloured shirts and socks for the match.


Updated 30th June 2015






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