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Sunday 01st October, 2017
00:00 Bray 1 vs Dalkey 1 TBC (Pending) Loreto Bray
00:00 Corinthians 1 vs Loreto 1 TBC (Pending) St Columbas College
00:00 Enniscorthy HC 1 vs Naas 1 TBC (Pending) CWCWE Enniscorthy
00:00 Muckross 2 vs Old Alexandra 2 TBC (Pending) Muckross Park
00:00 Muckross 1 vs Pembroke Wanderers 1 TBC (Pending) Muckross Park
00:00 Portrane 1 vs Tullamore 1 TBC (Pending) Donabate
12:15 Our Ladys 1 vs Stillorgan 1 TBC (Pending) Our Ladys School
19:00 Avoca 1 vs Genesis 1 TBC (Pending) Newpark Comp
19:00 Boyne HC 1 vs Clontarf 1 TBC (Pending) Drogheda High School
19:00 Dublin North 1 vs Glenanne 1 TBC (Pending) NSC - Abbotstown
19:00 Genesis 2 vs Monkstown 2 TBC (Pending) Belfield UCD
19:00 Monkstown 1 vs Old Alexandra 1 TBC (Pending) Rathdown School
19:00 Newbridge 1 vs North Kildare 1 TBC (Pending) Newbridge College
19:00 Pembroke Wanderers 2 vs Three Rock Rovers 2 TBC (Pending) Serpentine Avenue
19:00 Weston 1 vs Wicklow 1 TBC (Pending) Griffeen Park Lucan
Tuesday 26th September, 2017
LM Neville Cup
00:00 Bray vs Rathgar TBC (Pending) Templecarrig Secondary School-Greystones
Sunday 01st October, 2017
00:00 Enniscorthy HC vs Glenanne TBC (Pending) CWCWE Enniscorthy
00:00 Mullingar vs Railway Union TBC (Pending) Loreto Mullingar
00:00 Portrane vs Naas TBC (Pending) Donabate
08:00 North Kildare vs Clontarf TBC (Pending) The Maws Kilcock
08:00 Skerries vs Kilkenny TBC (Pending) Skerries CC
08:00 St James Gate vs Monkstown TBC (Pending) Iveagh Grounds
Saturday 30th September, 2017
Ladies Div 1 League
00:00 Corinthians 1st vs Glenanne 1st Corinthian HC Women (Pending) St Columbas College
07:01 North Kildare 1st vs Genesis 1st TBC (Pending) The Maws Kilcock
07:01 Rathgar 1st vs Muckross 1st TBC (Pending) The High School
12:30 Clontarf 1st vs Old Alexandra 1st TBC (Pending) Mount Temple
13:30 Our Ladys 1st vs Avoca 1st Our Ladys HC Women (Pending) Our Ladys School
Tuesday 26th September, 2017
Mens Division 1
20:00 YMCA 1st vs Dublin North 1st TBC (Pending) Wesley College
Saturday 30th September, 2017
00:00 Corinthians 1st vs YMCA 1st TBC (Pending) St Columbas College
13:15 Dublin North 1st vs Kilkenny 1st St Brendans Men (Pending) NSC - Abbotstown
14:50 UCD 1st vs Clontarf 1st TBC (Pending) Belfield UCD
15:00 Dublin University 1st vs Avoca 1st TBC (Pending) Santry Avenue
15:45 Weston 1st vs Rathgar 1st TBC (Pending) Griffeen Park Lucan
Tuesday 03rd October, 2017
19:20 Rathgar 1st vs UCD 1st TBC (Pending) The High School
20:30 Avoca 1st vs Corinthians 1st TBC (Pending) Newpark Comp
Saturday 30th September, 2017
Ladies Div 2 League
00:00 Bray 1st vs Loreto 2nd TBC (Pending) Loreto Bray
07:01 Old Alexandra 2nd vs Railway Union 2nd TBC (Pending) Alexandra College
07:01 Three Rock Rovers 1st vs Pembroke Wanderers 2nd TBC (Pending) Grange Road Ratharnham
08:05 Naas 1st vs Monkstown 2nd Naas HC Mixed (Pending) Naas Sports Centre
11:15 UCD 2nd vs YMCA 1st TBC (Pending) Belfield UCD
Mens Division 2
00:00 Portrane 1st XI vs Clontarf 2nd XI TBC (Pending) Donabate
07:00 Glenanne 2nd XI vs Monkstown 2nd XI TBC (Pending) Glenanne Park
07:00 Three Rock Rovers 2nd XI vs Bray 1st XI TBC (Pending) Grange Road Ratharnham
07:00 YMCA 2nd XI vs Railway Union 2nd XI TBC (Pending) Wesley College
14:00 Pembroke Wanderers 2nd XI vs Corinthians 2nd XI TBC (Pending) Serpentine Avenue
Ladies Div 3 League
00:00 Avoca 2nd vs Dublin North 1st Avoca HC Women (Pending) Newpark Comp
00:00 Genesis 2nd vs Pembroke Wanderers 3rd Genesis HC Women (Pending) St Raphaelas
07:01 Loreto 3rd vs UCD 3rd TBC (Pending) Loreto Beaufort
10:00 Suttonians 1st vs Trinity College 2nd TBC (Pending) Sutton Park School
16:30 Muckross 2nd vs Railway Union 3rd TBC (Pending) Muckross Park
Mens Division 3
00:00 Navan 1st XI vs Railway Union 3rd XI TBC (Pending) Loreto Mullingar
13:00 Rathgar 2nd XI vs Three Rock Rovers 3rd XI TBC (Pending) The High School
13:00 YMCA 3rd XI vs Monkstown 3rd XI TBC (Pending) Wesley College
16:20 UCD 2nd XI vs Pembroke Wanderers 3rd XI TBC (Pending) Belfield UCD
Ladies Div 4 League
00:00 Botanic 1st vs Skerries 1st Botanic HC Women (Pending) Holy Faith Glasnevin
00:00 Bray 2nd vs Corinthians 2nd TBC (Pending) Loreto Bray
00:00 Guinness 1st vs Monkstown 3rd TBC (Pending) Iveagh Grounds
07:01 Old Alexandra 3rd vs Tullamore 1st TBC (Pending) Alexandra College
11:00 Weston 1st vs Pembroke Wanderers 4th TBC (Pending) Griffeen Park Lucan
Mens Division 4
00:00 Enniscorthy HC 1st XI vs Three Rock Rovers 4th XI TBC (Pending) Enniscorthy Astro Centre
12:00 Wicklow 1st XI vs Pembroke Wanderers 4th XI TBC (Pending) Nelson Park
14:00 Weston 2nd XI vs Naas 1st XI TBC (Pending) Griffeen Park Lucan
16:20 Railway Union 4th XI vs Skerries 1st XI TBC (Pending) Park Avenue
16:30 Suttonians 1st XI vs Corinthians 3rd XI TBC (Pending) Sutton Park School
Ladies Div 5 League
07:01 Rathgar 2nd vs Clontarf 2nd TBC (Pending) The High School
11:00 Wexford 1st vs Malahide Fingal 1st TBC (Pending) Enniscorthy Astro Centre
12:20 Monkstown 4th vs Avoca 3rd TBC (Pending) Rathdown School
13:30 Muckross 3rd vs Kilkenny 1st Muckross HC Women (Pending) Muckross Park
16:30 Dublin North 2nd vs North Kildare 2nd St Brendans Women (Pending) NSC - Abbotstown
Mens Division 5
07:00 North Kildare 1st XI vs Rathgar 3rd XI TBC (Pending) The Maws Kilcock
07:00 YMCA 4th XI vs Glenanne 3rd XI TBC (Pending) Wesley College
12:30 St James Gate 1st XI vs Dublin University 2nd XI TBC (Pending) Iveagh Grounds
14:00 Clontarf 3rd XI vs Dublin North 2nd TBC (Pending) Mount Temple
14:15 Monkstown 4th XI vs UCD 3rd XI TBC (Pending) Rathdown School
Ladies Div 6 League
07:01 Genesis 3rd vs Railway Union 4th TBC (Pending) St Raphaelas
14:15 Monkstown 5th vs Our Ladys 2nd TBC (Pending) Rathdown School
15:00 Navan 1st vs Trinity College 3rd TBC (Pending) Mercy Navan
15:30 Pembroke Wanderers 5th vs YMCA 2nd TBC (Pending) Serpentine Avenue
15:30 UCD 4th vs Three Rock Rovers 2nd TBC (Pending) Belfield UCD
Mens Division 6
07:00 Avoca 3rd XI vs Corinthians 4th XI TBC (Pending) Newpark Comp
10:00 Wicklow 2nd XI vs Pembroke Wanderers 5th XI TBC (Pending) Nelson Park
11:30 Dublin North 3rd vs Kilkenny 2nd XI Fingal HC Men (Pending) NSC - Abbotstown
12:30 Weston 3rd XI vs Mullingar 2nd XI TBC (Pending) Griffeen Park Lucan
15:45 Monkstown 5th XI vs Three Rock Rovers 5th XI TBC (Pending) Rathdown School
Ladies Div 7 League
00:00 Botanic 2nd vs Newbridge 1st TBC (Pending) Holy Faith Glasnevin
00:00 Enniscorthy HC 1st vs UCD 5th TBC (Pending) CWCWE Enniscorthy
07:01 Genesis 4th vs Clontarf 3rd TBC (Pending) St Raphaelas
07:01 Skerries 2nd vs Old Alexandra 4th TBC (Pending) Skerries CC
11:30 Suttonians 2nd vs Corinthians 3rd TBC (Pending) Sutton Park School
Mens Division 7
00:00 Portrane 2nd XI vs Railway Union 5thXI TBC (Pending) Donabate
08:00 YMCA 5th XI vs Dublin North 4thXI TBC (Pending) Wesley College
14:00 Wicklow 3rd XI vs Navan 2nd XI TBC (Pending) Nelson Park
15:30 St James Gate 2ndXI vs Naas 2nd XI TBC (Pending) Iveagh Grounds
17:00 Dublin University 3rd XI vs Bray 2nd XI TBC (Pending) Santry Avenue
Ladies Div 8 League
00:00 Loreto 5th vs Genesis 5th Loreto HC Women (Pending) Loreto Beaufort
07:01 Malahide Fingal 2nd vs Mullingar 1st TBC (Pending) Broomfield
07:01 Rathgar 3rd vs Glenanne 2nd TBC (Pending) The High School
09:30 Weston 2nd vs Muckross 4th Weston HC Women (Pending) Griffeen Park Lucan
11:00 Pembroke Wanderers 6th vs Our Ladys 3rd Pembroke Wanderers Women (Pending) Serpentine Avenue
Ladies Div 9 League
00:00 Bray 3rd vs Avoca 4th TBC (Pending) Loreto Bray
00:00 Corinthians 4th vs Botanic 3rd Corinthian HC Women (Pending) St Columbas College
07:01 Naas 2nd vs Navan 2nd TBC (Pending) Naas Sports Centre
12:30 Pembroke Wanderers 7th vs Our Ladys 4th Pembroke Wanderers Women (Pending) Serpentine Avenue
16:00 Monkstown 6th vs Wicklow 1st TBC (Pending) Rathdown School
Ladies Div 10 League
00:00 Trinity College 4th vs Railway Union 5th Trinity HC Women (Pending) Trinity College
07:01 Avoca 5th vs Muckross 5th TBC (Pending) Newpark Comp
07:01 Three Rock Rovers 3rd vs Portlaoise 1st TBC (Pending) Grange Road Ratharnham
09:30 UCD 6th vs Guinness 2nd TBC (Pending) Belfield UCD
15:30 Clontarf 4th vs Loreto 6th TBC (Pending) Mount Temple
Ladies Div 11 League
00:00 Botanic 4th vs Bray 4th TBC (Pending) Holy Faith Glasnevin
00:00 Trinity College 5th vs Portrane 1st Trinity HC Women (Pending) Trinity College
07:01 North Kildare 4th vs UCD 7th TBC (Pending) The Maws Kilcock
15:00 Dublin North 3rd vs Greystones HC 1st St Brendans Women (Pending) NSC - Abbotstown
15:00 Muckross 6th vs Rathgar 4th Muckross HC Women (Pending) Muckross Park
Friday 29th September, 2017
All Ireland Schoolboys Qualifiers
13:30 Mount Temple vs The Kings Hospital Mount Temple
13:30 St Columbas College vs Newpark Comp St Columbas College
14:30 Newpark Comp vs Kilkenny St Columbas College
14:30 The Kings Hospital vs Sandford Park School Mount Temple
15:30 Kilkenny vs St Columbas College St Columbas College
15:30 Sandford Park School vs Mount Temple Mount Temple
Sunday 01st October, 2017
Sunday League
13:15 Kilkenny 2nd vs Carlow 1st Kilkenny College
13:30 Wexford 2nd vs Enniscorthy HC 3rd Enniscorthy Astro Centre
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Wednesday 13th September, 2017
LSSB Whiteside Trophy
St Andrews College 7 vs 0 Bandon Grammar
Wesley College 2 vs 1 Ashton School
Saturday 23rd September, 2017
Ladies Div 1 League
Avoca 1st 1 vs 1 Corinthians 1st
Muckross 1st 3 vs 1 North Kildare 1st
Our Ladys 1st 2 vs 0 Clontarf 1st
Rathgar 1st 0 vs 5 Old Alexandra 1st
Glenanne 1st 0 vs 1 Genesis 1st
Saturday 16th September, 2017
Mens Division 1
Kilkenny 1st 1 vs 2 Weston 1st
Saturday 23rd September, 2017
Mens Division 2
Bray 1st XI 5 vs 1 Portrane 1st XI
Corinthians 2nd XI 2 vs 3 Three Rock Rovers 2nd XI
Clontarf 2nd XI 0 vs 4 Glenanne 2nd XI
Monkstown 2nd XI 4 vs 3 YMCA 2nd XI
Railway Union 2nd XI 3 vs 5 Pembroke Wanderers 2nd XI
Mens Division 3
Avoca 2nd XI 5 vs 0 Navan 1st XI
Monkstown 3rd XI 8 vs 1 UCD 2nd XI
Pembroke Wanderers 3rd XI 5 vs 0 Rathgar 2nd XI
Friday 22nd September, 2017
Railway Union 3rd XI 1 vs 6 YMCA 3rd XI
Saturday 23rd September, 2017
Mens Division 4
Corinthians 3rd XI 1 vs 1 Enniscorthy HC 1st XI
Naas 1st XI 2 vs 4 Railway Union 4th XI
Skerries 1st XI 1 vs 0 Wicklow 1st XI
Weston 2nd XI 1 vs 0 Three Rock Rovers 4th XI
Pembroke Wanderers 4th XI 2 vs 0 Suttonians 1st XI
Ladies Div 5 League
Muckross 3rd 3 vs 0 Dublin North 2nd
Clontarf 2nd 2 vs 1 Loreto 4th
Avoca 3rd 2 vs 9 Kilkenny 1st
Malahide Fingal 1st 1 vs 7 Monkstown 4th
North Kildare 2nd 2 vs 2 Rathgar 2nd
Mens Division 5
Dublin North 2nd 2 vs 1 Monkstown 4th XI
Glenanne 3rd XI 0 vs 2 Clontarf 3rd XI
Dublin University 2nd XI 1 vs 2 North Kildare 1st XI
Rathgar 3rd XI 4 vs 3 YMCA 4th XI
Mens Division 6
Pembroke Wanderers 5th XI 2 vs 0 Avoca 3rd XI
Mullingar 2nd XI 6 vs 0 Dublin North 3rd
Weston 3rd XI 1 vs 1 Three Rock Rovers 5th XI
Kilkenny 2nd XI 8 vs 0 Wicklow 2nd XI
Ladies Div 7 League
Clontarf 3rd 2 vs 3 Enniscorthy HC 1st
Newbridge 1st 3 vs 2 Skerries 2nd
Old Alexandra 4th 1 vs 1 Suttonians 2nd
UCD 5th 0 vs 0 Botanic 2nd
Corinthians 3rd 0 vs 1 North Kildare 3rd
Mens Division 7
Railway Union 5thXI 3 vs 0 Wicklow 3rd XI
Bray 2nd XI 1 vs 0 Portrane 2nd XI
Naas 2nd XI 4 vs 1 Dublin University 3rd XI
Dublin North 4thXI 1 vs 3 Enniscorthy HC 2nd XI
Sunday 24th September, 2017
Boys U16 Interpros
Munster U16 1 vs 1 Leinster U16
Munster U16 2 vs 2 Ulster U16
Saturday 23rd September, 2017
Ulster U16 2 vs 1 Leinster U16
Ulster U16 4 vs 3 Munster U16
Friday 22nd September, 2017
Leinster U16 1 vs 2 Munster U16
Leinster U16 2 vs 3 Ulster U16
Sunday 24th September, 2017
Boys U18 Interpros
Munster U18 1 vs 4 Leinster U18
Munster U18 2 vs 1 Ulster U18
Saturday 23rd September, 2017
Ulster U18 2 vs 0 Leinster U18
Ulster U18 2 vs 1 Munster U18
Friday 22nd September, 2017
Leinster U18 2 vs 0 Munster U18
Leinster U18 2 vs 2 Ulster U18
Sunday 24th September, 2017
Sunday League
Enniscorthy HC 3rd 2 vs 2 Kilkenny 2nd
Carlow 1st 3 vs 0 Carlow 2nd
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